Construction Machines


The things of the night cannot be explained in the day. Because they do not then exist.


As an architect, I have studied urban development and have been fascinated by the huge machinery that has played a role in making development possible. Being a photographer has taken my interest in the machinery to an altogether different level. I observe them with a renewed, acute interest, seeing them from varied vantage points, discern each cut and curve. I find in them grandeur and elegance that makes them have an identity of their own.

While working during the day, the machines have an aggressive and active personality and as the day fades, they slowly become silent and dormant in their own world. I have obsessed about photographing them in the night because of the sheer personality they seem to acquire in the darkness; that feeling of tranquility and composure that only the stillness of night can provide. I enjoyed observing these machines without the distraction of any human presence and clutter of noise. I experienced a certain sense of belonging to their space while trying to bring out the hidden personality in each one of them.

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